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Your startup ready to receive international investments.

Latitud co-founder Brian Requarth sold his previous company Viva Real for US$600 million. Viva lost over US$100 million in taxes when exiting because of a company formation mistake made in the early days, and this inspired us to make proper incorporation accessible to help Latin American founders get started on the right foot.

Built on a foundation of trust

We teamed up with best in class legal advisors in all three jurisdictions, and with partners offering banking solutions, cap table management, accounting services and more.

Optimized for tax-efficient exits

Choosing the right corporate structure in the early stages of your business will save you lots of money and headache down the line. We worry about it so you don't have to.

Accepted by investors worldwide

You'll walk out with a holding company in the Cayman Islands, a Delaware LLC and an operating entity in Latin America, a standard corporate structure accepted by global VCs.

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Carey Olsen

Carey Olsen

Carey Olsen is a leading offshore law firm helping incorporate startups in the Cayman Islands. With a network of nine international offices, they've advised the likes of Tiendanube, Konfio and more.

Pinheiro Neto Advogados

Pinheiro Neto Advogados

Pinheiro Neto Advogados was elected 2022's Brazilian law firm of the year by Latin Finance. They specialize in multidisciplinary operations, and are known for having assisted in Nubank's famous IPO.

Company formation made easy

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Built for early-stage startups

Latitud Go is right for you if:

You are raising international capital

Your plans include fundraising globally from angel investors, venture capital funds and accelerators. You have an investment lined up or are in conversation with VCs.

You are operating in Brazil

Customers are paying you in local currency, you need to hire local talent and/or you are building in a locally regulated industry. Your business is focused in the Brazilian market.

You have or need a Brazilian legal entity

Whether you already have a CNPJ or not, we'll help you set up in Brazil, the US and Cayman Islands. Start your incorporation from scratch, or build on top of your existing structure.


Latitud Go was 85% cheaper than providers I quoted, and the process was very quick.

Cauê Cardoso

Founder & CEO of

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Simply put, without Latitud Go I could not make it.

Fernando Brustolini

Founder of Dinerama

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